GB UK National Championship

Master Carlos Gracie Jr. believes that competition is a very powerful tool to develop individual students who achieve their personal best as Jiu-Jitsu practitioners and martial artists. It is also a great tool to pool talent together, stimulating individuals to come together as a team, learn to cooperate, fight for each other, and find purpose to dedicate to something much bigger than themselves: the team.

This past Sunday, September 9th, the Gracie Barra Fulham team participated in the Gracie Barra United Kingdom National Championship at the Aldersley Leisure Village in Wolverhampton and brought home some great achievements:


Sula Mae Loewenthal - Gold Medalist (Blue Belt)

James Smith - Gold Medalist (White Belt)

Shaun - Gold Medalist (White Belt)

Karol - Gold Medalist (White Belt)

Phoebe Robinson-Galvin - Silver Medalist (Blue Belt)

Emma Philogene - Silver Medalist (White Belt)

Sonai - Silver Medalist (Blue Belt)

Justin - Silver Medalist (White Belt)

Shafina Khatun - Bronze Medalist (White Belt)

Lydon Van Der Westhuizen - Bronze Medalist (Brown Belt)



Mikey - Gold Medalist

Nora - Gold Medalist

Luis - Gold Medalist

Finlay - Silver Medalist

Jayden - Silver Medalist

Faris - Bronze Medalist