The New Normal...

A year ago most of us couldn’t even comprehend how drastically our lives would change. 2020 has already been labelled by many as the worst year of the 21st Century. What a title!… We would have laughed if someone had said that the next fashion trend would be face masks.

Humans often have a hard time dealing with change. This is linked to a feeling of loss of control. When there is a drastic change it can take some time to get back on our feet, but the more we resist, the harder it is!

In a time where ‘going back to normal’ is, at best, something that will take a long time and, at worst, potentially a fantasy, we need to adapt.

Fortunately, we have all the tools to create a ‘new normal’ for ourselves. We still have the same core needs, we just need to work on adapting the way we fulfill them.

London is slowly opening up and everyone is eager to reconnect, but it can be challenging thinking of changing how we connect. It’s easy to get into the mindset of “I’ll just do it when it ‘gets back to normal’”. But what happens if it doesn’t?

As a fellow Jiu Jitsu addict, I know too well that the thought of doing ‘social distanced’ BJJ is a bit of an oxymoron, but when you really break down the aspects of the sport that are important to you, you remember it’s not all about sparring.

Aside from the full-contact aspect of the sport, going to train is about learning new techniques, getting on a sweat, socialising, and perhaps de-stressing, which we seem to need a lot of right now...

One massively positive outcome of this is us discovering a whole new method of training. Training solo actually opens up a whole world of training we never thought to look into. It’s ideal for focusing on our balance and coordination, targeting Jiu-Jitsu specific cardio and continuing to practice when we are injured, without high-impact training!

Come down and get your hit of endorphins,

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Photo credit to Tom Miles